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Amsterdam Light Festival

It’s getting dark early, the temperature has dropped – it’s the perfect time of the year to experience the magical Amsterdam Light Festival. We took a quick tour to bring some highlights.

For all the info about the festival, go to http://www.amsterdamlightfestival.com

Doing open mic stand-up in Amsterdam

We went to visit the local stand up open mic night run by Comedy Vibes and talked to some of the comedians about the concept, the experience of doing open mic stand up and the local English language comedy scene in Amsterdam.

Teaser for tonight’s show

Tonight is our last show of Season 2. We’ll be back on air in 2015 x

NB the International Crap Artist has been true to his name and cancelled at the last minute. We might have to make Sander do his stand-up routine instead.

Dinnertime for Amsterdam’s homeless

So Dam Local took part in ‘Koken in een andere keuken’ run by Amsterdam Verbindt at the Stoelen Project, a homeless shelter off the Marnixstraat in Amsterdam. The team cooked dinner for 45-50 homeless people and organiser, Hennie Heijmans, popped by to explain more about the scheme and how it connects those who are well off with those in need. This feature was first broadcast on Amsterdam’s Salto 1 TV channel on 18.11.14 on So Dam Local TV show, produced by Stichting Broadcast Amsterdam.¬†Director & Editor: Cathy Leung


Get yourself Konnektid!!

Interested in learning a new skill, have an urge to play the ukele or learn SEO? well maybe Konnektid can help, we went to talk to Michel Visser, founder of the new Amsterdam based skills exchange website to see what it was all about and Nicola learnt to play the piano!! Many thanks to Bektash for being so patient. Check out the film and see what is happening in your neighbourhood.